Monday, January 08, 2007

My Ideal Sunday

Basically yesterday I had what I would consider to be an "ideal Sunday."
It goes a little somethin like this:

I wake up between 11 and 1130, putz around a bit... go for a run, preferably with a friend (yay em!), and preferably on a sunny day (which it was!) that makes me fall more in love with my city... come back and shower in a really good shower (you know, really good pressure)... then go to brunch (my favorite meal, by far) with friends at a cute UES or UWS restaurant... go to a movie with friends (yesterday it was Children of Men)... putz around a bit, maybe shopping or grabbing coffee somewhere... go to 7pm church where I not only get solid teaching and solid worship but also get to see, oh right, everyone I know... and then either head home or get dinner with the crew and then go back to the Slope.

It's just so... perfect. I get everything I enjoy all in one day- God, friends, running, good food, movies, and maybe a new shirt or something to boot.
I love it.
Sometimes this whole "real world" thing isn't so bad.

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