Monday, January 08, 2007

The Main Event

The guys successfully kept their surprise event from us until 6:45 on Saturday. We were watching the Chiefs lose in a midtown bar, hanging out with a bunch of friends, and it was apparent that ALL of them but us knew what the event was...

The Rodeo. In Madison Square Garden.
As in, Professional Bull Riding in the middle of Manhattan.
This is not a joke.
It was maybe one of the most interesting and fun nights I've had in my time in Manhattan.
Here are just some of the noteworthy moments from that glorious night.

1) Rudy Giulianni- yep, he was there. They interviewed him. And he had on southwest attire. I heart Rudy.
2) When viewing the stage/dirt arena, one's attention was first drawn to the enormous "USA" written in white in the center of the arena. Then an absolutely gigantic American flag was dropped from the ceiling, suspended from the top of MSG all the way to the floor. With glitter and confetti streaming down. Clay Walker, a country singer, sang the National Anthem. I've never felt so patriotic and American in New York City.
3) Before the event started, we prayed. No I am not kidding- we PRAYED TO GOD in Madison Square Garden in New York City. Being that I was there with 11 of my friends, all from church, we were all thrilled to say the least.
4) Sponsorship for this event included such notable companies as: Jack Daniels, Swanson Tractors, Johnson Brats, US Smokeless Tobacco Co, and Wrangler.
5) With in my immediate view could be seen: a man with no teeth and a camo hat, 3 orthodox jews with yarmulkahs, a guy with a seer sucker jacket, a woman with a Ralph Lauren sweater and polo shirt, and a girl with cowboy boots, reaaaally short shorts, a white shirt, black bra, and Louie Vitton purse. Glorious.
6) The guy immediately in front of me accidentally spilled his beer on the seat in front of him when trying to climb over it to get to his seat. Unfortunately, that seat on which the beer was spilled belonged to someone. Who was not very happy. And ya know, beer plus boys plus anger is just not such a good combination. Then suddenly toothless man and his crew of black root-blonde highlight girls were adding their two cents. And the girlfriends of both of the guys involved. And lots of swearing. And threats. And I just wanted to see the cowboys get thrown off the bulls, SERIOUSLY, I was none too happy.
The usher kicked them out. And then I could stretch out my legs to the row in front of me. Glory.
7) As for the actual "event" of bull riding itself- I mean, it was cool, watching cute guys trying their darndest to stay on a large bucking animal who wants nothing more than to launch him off its back. Sounds like GREAT fun to me. I mean, what makes one decide to get on a bull for the first time? I mean, I often question how people become involved in more unique or unusual activities (say, playing the harp, orrrr, deciding to play curling), but seriously, professional bull riding? I mean, people get KILLED doing it. And oddly enough, the idea of imminent (and likely) harm somehow makes it all the more riveting to watch. I pity their wives.

Basically, a great night. Congrats guys, well played. And thank you.

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