Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wedding Highlights

Soooo Reid and Mare got married. Pretty awesome. :)

And we all made the trek down to Little Rock to see it. Pretty crazy.

It was a good time of big southern weddings, Crooks walking the junior bride's maid down the aisle (and 30 of us busting into laughter in the ceremony), intense Mafia as only CCCers from Penn do it, quality Mrs. Grandle food, and a lot of catching up with old friends. All in all, a good weekend.

Here are some of the better pics. :)
This would be us driving to Little Rock from Memphis. It rained the whole way. Oh wait, that was the whole weekend. How does Sluk look hot no matter what she does?
Me and the groom. This one time during freshman year Reid and I were "fighting." He went to flick me in the forehead just as I leaned forward to punch him and the timing was so perfect that his flick cut open my forehead. There was blood.
After about 5 trials and Sally taking the picture on "One" in stead of "Three" we may have gotten a decent pic.
All dressed up. :)
I like this picture because I think it's just really classy. The large gold-framed picture in the background may have soooomething to do with it...
Hanging out at the Grandle residence... ie one of the coolest houses I've ever been in. I should've taken a picture of their walls... which are literally covered in framed photographs that Reid's dad has taken over the past 40 years from quite literally all over the world. Pretty awesome to hear the stories.
This would be me in hard-core game mode for Mafia. I was not messing around at this point. I was Mafia, the only one left, with 4 other townspeople, one of whom is the single best Mafia player I've ever played against (Jacquelyn). And somehow, I don't quite know how, I pulled it out. I think I'm a better actress than a liar, hence this picture.

Good times. And now, back to reality.

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