Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kristin Chenoweth

She's amazing. There is no other word. Maybe phenominally talented, but nothing quite captures the essence of Kristin Chenoweth, Tony award winning actress/singer/comedian/performed/wonderwoman.

You may know her for such little known roles as Glinda in Wicked or creating the role of Sally in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (for which she won her Tony). She's also been in several movies and TV shows, has a few CDs, and oh right, she's a Christian. Her Christian CD is pretty rockin.
We can forgive her for her Maxim gig.

And until Friday I had never seen her live. Well, what a way to start by seeing her solo performance at The Metropolitan Opera, also a place I had never been. So first of all, The Met is just sick. And by that I mean awesome.
GVR and I went and just sat entranced as she sang, danced, made us laugh, even made us shed a few tears at the passion with which she sang and her obvious humility and appreciation.

She sang a variety of songs, from "Popular" (Wicked) and a few songs from her new show The Apple Tree, to arias, songs written by other composers, jazzier stuff, and even a Gilbert and Sullivan medley. But it was worth the cost of the ticket just to hear her sing "Glitter and Be Gay" (Candide) during the encore. Wow. You rock that High E girl. And during her second encore she actually started crying, I think just so moved by the whole night and (I would imagine) probably overwhelmed at the fact that she has risen to the status of being able to sell out a solo performance at The Met.

It was awesome.

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