Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Around the Office

So it's basically been a little crazy around the office. Mid-winter antsyness, project crunch-time, you know the drill. Last week our new Director of Operations started. Charles Giuliani. Yep, Rudy's first cousin. He's having "round-table discussions" with each of the levels to assess what needs changed and improved. I don't think he had a clue what he was getting himself into... oh what? you want us to be completely honest with you about what we think should be fixed around here? Mwahahaha. His To-Do list has gone from about 130 items to 256.

Kristy is pregnant so hormones are up and down and conversations in abundance about all things baby related. Ooooooh babies.

Alan's leaving because he started his own company. Alan is one of the "fab five" who started in my incoming class last fall. Oh, so that would explain all your sketchy phone calls in the middle of the day and why you're tired somewhat constnatly... because you were essentially working two jobs and founding your own company for designer men's apparel. Kudos to you man, because we were all just thinking you were out partying every night. Let me just say, the Fab Five was both shocked and impressed to find out this news. But at least we get to go to the product launch party. Sahweet. Arbitrage is the name of his company, just so you know, when he makes it big.
Potential new hires are coming in from schools, we take them out to lunch, we chat, it's good. And it's really rather amusing to be on the OTHER side of the table now. And to know what people at THIS end say about the process. And the candidates. Love it.

Jesse continues to be unprofessional. Nothing new there. But the other day after eating the cookies I made for February birthdays he says to me, "Will you marry me? Please? Can't you just become Jewish and be into premarital sex? It would work out so well." Thanks.

Today at lunch the topic of conversation was having an 'allowance' of sorts to be able to hook up with people other than your significant other. One day a year maybe? You know, because when it's forbidden, clearly (so the argument went) it just makes you want it more, and if you were only ALLOWED to hook up with others, it would be better. My comment: "That's immature bullshit."
The conversation turned to more controversial topics (as if that were possible), namely, threesomes. There were many a funny commentary (I wish VH1 had taped us), but I think the climax of this conversation was when Russo said, "I mean, come on, is there anyone left who hasn't had one? Seriously, isn't it like a right of passage?" Dead silence. I think we have officially crossed the work-personal boundary.
Then one of the partners walked in. In his socks. He joined in on the conversation.

Yep, and that would be about all from the wonderful world of Easton. I may just start a "work quote of the day" because about every day there are some quality ones. Remember the time when I worked at a firm where I was able to be efficient and not distracted because everyone was super social? Oh right, that was never.

By the way, today (February 14th, aka Valentine's Day) is my anniversary.
My work anniversary that is.
I've officially been here 6 months. Woh.

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