Sunday, February 18, 2007

Get your sexy on

So I usually have in my lifetime had my healthy share of girly crushes on famous pop culture icons. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, affectionately known as JTT, of Home Improvement fame (dang that was a good show!) was most certainly plastered all over my pre-teen room in the form of cutouts from TigerBeat and various other Teen magazines. And what self-respecting girl didn't have a crush on Ryan Philippe after the 1998 masterpiece Cruel Intentions??
But those pale in comparison to the one and only Justin Timberlake. For serious, every time I see him, it's a jaw-dropping experience. It took many an internal argument to finally convince myself that $130 tickets to see him in concert (from the nosebleeds) were maybe a bit excessive. But every time I hear Sexy Back or My Love, I just want to get up and dance.

And can we just talk about his Grammy performance? BOTH of them? And yes, I DVRed them to replay that glory at my leisure. Actually, pause, I'm going to go replay them now.

And, we're back. So, I have to take a little tangent and just comment on the stellar
performances across the boards this year at the Grammys. I usually avoid watching awards shows (except the Oscars, cause, come on, I watch movies like it's my job), but I had it on this year while I was making cookies for my coworkers. But I kept getting distracted by the performances. Christina, Gnarls, Beyonce, Mary, John, they were all pretty great to watch. And give me a little hope for the state of music in this country today. A little.

Anyhow, the more pressing matter at hand- the amazingness of Justin. His music is catchy, upbeat, and when he performs, it just looks like he's having a ton of fun. Let's face it- the guy is mad talented. Oh, and he can dance. Like woh. And totally single in the current moment.
So, I'll continue my little crush. Slash big crush. And as a professional college-educated twenty-something, I'm entirely ok with that.

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