Sunday, February 18, 2007

Postcard Palooza

So I collect postcards. It's become something of a hobby... harrassing all my friends to send me postcards while they're away. Friends of friends. Coworkers on business travel. You know the deal. I reorganized my postcards the other night (they were previously organized but I have not done so in about a year to assess what states/countries I am still missing), and realized I have quite a little collection for myself. Top cities: London and Chicago. Then maybe Paris. Seriously, everyone goes to London, I honestly have like 15 postcards from there, which is awesome. Oh, and I also have a ton from the Grand Canyon.
States remaining to get:
Arkansas (which is such a farce since I was there less than a month ago for Reid's wedding)
Connecticut (there is no excuse for this, I know)
Idaho (who goes there anyhow?)
Mississippi (see above)
North Dakota (I felt like I had one from there, I don't have a clue where it went)
Rhode Island (though Sullivan supposedly got me some, so that may be ok soon)
Vermont (maybe I should go skiing)
Wisconsin (oooh Megan is there right now, I should totally call her)

Meggers totally helped me out on her cross-country RV trip. Like woh.

I have most of Europe, much of Central and South America and some of the islands, several Asian and African countries, and Australia. But my collection needs to grow. Why have one postcard from Uruguay when you can have 5? Nothing much new lately- you'd think people don't travel in the dead of winter or something???
So if anyone is going anywhere where there may be postcards and wants to add to my collection, let me know. I'll give you my address. And be super thankful.

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David said...

dude, i totally sent you one from argentina.