Monday, February 19, 2007

Famous People

Everyone knows that there are loads of famous people in New York. But for the most part, unless completely an "obvious" person, I wouldn't know someone famous if they slapped me in the face. But honestly, I hear people all the time saying how they saw/met/shook hands with/were at the same club with X movie star/rock star/designer or whatever, and I've been in New York now for 7 months and have no such stories.

Practically everyone and their brother (except me) has seen Will Smith, who has been filming a movie here. My roommate Lindsay saw a famous football player on the street while going out for lunch one day. GVR saw Cynthia Nixon (Sex in the City) on the subway, Alexandria saw Keri Russell (Felicity) on the subway, AChan the Man seems to find himself once a week at some party with some famous types, it's just crazy. Oh, and let's not forget the RIDONK cast party that GVR was at for Follies that had basically every cool Broadway person in attendance. But I think my favorite "star sighting" story would be from Brendan Sorem. He was at some elite bar courtesy of his friend who does something ultra cool like marketing a high-end vodka (you know, that's the other thing- it seems like everyone in New York is "important" and has some ultra-necessary-and-hip job haha), and he realized at some point that a bunch of famous people were there, including Beyonce and JayZ. I forget who else he saw, but he met a few people, fine, but who he REALLY wanted to meet was JayZ, only he was on his way out the door. So what does Brendan do but run up to the door as JayZ is leaving, walk up behind him, put his arm around JayZ's shoulder and go, "Yo Jay, what's up man?" Brendan is the most adorable teddybear of a white guy I know. And so when he was telling me this, I could just totally picture this scene unfolding in all of its beautifuly absurdity. So I responded, "YOU DID NOT!" Oh but yes, he did. So, Brendan and all his ballsyness got to meet JayZ. What I want to know is, why the heck didn't he talk to Beyonce??? She's clearly the breadwinner in that relationship.

So I'll continue to roam the streets of New York not seeing famous people and just live vicariously through... everyone else. And you bet you'll hear about it on that day when I finally have my very own star sighting.

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Lindsay Hunt said...

I met Keri Russell in Central Park once. I talked to her (she went to my High School in Colorado before her days of fame). And I even have a picture to prove it! She's actually a really really nice celeb.