Sunday, February 25, 2007

NY Knicks

Last week I went to my very first professional basketball game.
Becca called me on Monday saying she had scored two tickets in the NINTH ROW, centercourt on Tuesday. And would I like to accompany her? I thought about the fact that my project deadline was Wedsnesday and the fact that I didn't know how late I would "need" to stay in the office on Tuesday... and then agreed. :)
Yay impulsivity.
It was pretty fun, I must say.
So first of all, these seats belong to GVR's parent's best friend, who has 4 season tickets. The other two went to one of his employees and his wife who were told they had to buy US a beer. Excellent. Also, in these seats, you don't ever have to leave, because they have waitresses who take your order for food and BRING IT TO YOU. Crazy. It was pretty amusing when I asked if it was possible to get a fountain soda, as only bottled soda was on the menu, and I can't pass up a good fountain soda when I have the chance. She looked at me like I had four eyes when I informed her I would just go get my own fountain soda, since she could only get bottles. Apparently no one has ever asked that of her before. Oops.

Across the aisle, two rows down from us... the President of Madison Square Garden. The man who can choose any seats he wants was sitting two rows away from us. Sahweet. Immediately across the court in "celebrity row" was Fat Joe (the rapper) and his entorage, Steven Baldwin, and Spike Lee.

As for the game, it was less than exciting after watching college basketball. There's just no heart and soul in it. I mean, they're all talented athletes, but they've for the most part lost the spirit, because, they don't really have to have any. But it was pretty cool too see, especially because the Knicks won 100-94.

And to think, I didn't even have to go back to the office after the game. Success.

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