Friday, March 16, 2007

Broadway for Medicine

On Monday I went to a really great benefit performance. It was for the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction, which prior to the gala I knew nothing about. But as I found out, it's a truly admirable cause, and it was truly a privilege to be there and learn of their work. Basically it is a foundation that raises money for a group at NYU's hospital that performs facial reconstruction surgery for children (think everything from cleft palette to large benign growths on the face and all other manner of terrible deformities). To date they have helped improve the lives of over 50,000 children, and what makes their group so great is that they don't turn any child away. A few highlights include (from left to right)- Donna McKechnie (originating the lead role in Chorus Line), Mimi Hines (Funny Girl), Hugh Panaro (Phantom of the Opera), Betty Buckley (I have to say, she was my favorite, and she definitely was the original Grizabella in Cats, yes, that would be the one who sings "Memory" and yes, she definitely sang it), and Debbie Gibson (I mean, come on, DEBBIE GIBSON?!!) . Yep, just another night in New York City.

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