Friday, March 16, 2007

Cooking Class

I never got around to writing about this, but since it was one of the more unique things I've done while in NYC, I want to write about it. So for Christmas, Emily's gift to Meg, Alexandria, and I was a private cooking class in her apartment with a chef from Gourmet magazine. Let's take a pause to consider how incredibly thoughtful and all around awesome that is.
We were pretty pumped, and even though it took us until March to schedule it, we did it. And what a way to break in the Emilys new apartment... as in, they had just moved in 3 days before, and, by the way, their apartment is sahweeet.

So, it was 5 bubbly outgoing girls and Ian, our resident chef who had come teach us all manner of culinary skills. Let me just say that I think this guy had NO IDEA what he was getting himself into. But it was so fun to have a private class and just have someone tell you all kinds of neat tricks and secrets. And also by the way, I want his job. His office is a fully-supplied KITCHEN where he basically gets to play all day. Again let's pause to consider how awesome that is. Oh, and they fly him all over the world to take cooking classes. So I was starting to think about it and well, I love to cook, and I've found a little creative writing outlet through my blogging.... Hmmmmm
Anyhow, this was our menu: Squash and Coconut Soup, Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder, Rosemary Potatoes, Soy-Wine Glazed Salmon, Sumac-Rubbed Skirt Steak with Pomegranate Reduction, Chile-Infused Molten Chocolate Cake with Sweet Tomatillo Compote.
Let me just say it was basically awesome. And did I mention that we got to EAT IT ALL???

I heart Ian, I heart Gourmet magazine, and I heart cooking with my friends all day on a Sunday.
And you know what else, now I know how to do that super fast choppyness with a big knife like you see on TV. Bonus.

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