Tuesday, March 13, 2007


You know when stuff happens and you're just think, "That's kind of unfortunate, and there's nothing I can do about it."
Well, this morning I was starting my normal daily commute, walking down into the subway platform, and pulling out both my book to read on the train and my lip gloss because my lips were feeling a bit chapped. And it just so happened that the only lip gloss I had in my purse this morning was my brand new $20 lip gloss that I splurged on. I've worn it maaaybe three times. And being my typical clutzy self, I dropped the lip gloss. Now, normally this would be fine- but with the amazing combination of a round tube and my close proximity to the subway track, I watched (you know, in slow motion, where you feel like if you just had lightning reflexes you might be able to stop the inevitable) as my lip gloss rolled off the platform down onto the subway track. Craaaaap. I stared at it down there, my $20 lip gloss and very briefly had the thought of, "I wonder if I could just hop down there and get it... it's totally the non-used track so it's not like I would get hit or anything..." Mind you, I'm wearing heels and a dress- clearly an impractical getup for such activities.
So, the lesson of the day, you might ask? Not to buy $20 lip gloss if you're a clutz? Nope.
Always wear flats.

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