Monday, April 30, 2007


One thing about the south that I love (the list is long) is the food. Sweet tea has got to be one of my favorite food groups. And I probably consumed several gallons of it this past weekend in the great state of Tennessee. Let me make a brief list of the food I ate while in TN...

Sister Schubert's Biscuits (x10, yes, I think I really had about 10)
Cracker Barrell Biscuits
Chicken and Dumplins (cracker barrell)
Pork Tenderloin in Jim Beam sauce
Cheese Grits
Fried Okra
Country Ham
Buttermilk Pancakes
Sweet Potato Pancakes
Whipped butter on biscuits
Heath-bar infused brownies
Roasted potatoes
More biscuits
Mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone

Yep, that about does it. I mean, basically I was full and in a permanent carb coma for the entirety of the weekend post-race. It was glorious.

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Ms. Matthews said...

i looooove sister schubert's. they remind me of home. do they even sell them up here?