Monday, April 02, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies

Alright, for those of you familiar with my AIM surveys, I'm bringin it back, but blog style
(Ok ok, don't get TOO excited!).

So it's Girl Scout Cookie season. They're everywhere. And by everywhere I mean all over our office on a daily basis. We're talking hundres of boxes of cookies. Great for the waistline.
And we've even started a cookie eating contest, in the form of a sheet of paper taped to jon's desk where we mark each time we eat a cookie. I'm winning currently, and though jon is giving me a good run, I have full confidence that I will pull this one out. Rule #76.

In any event, much discussion has centered around the various types of cookies, who favors what kinds, and which cookies we feel are a complete waste of space (usually trefoils, though these happen to be jon's favorite). So, I thought I would put it out to a larger community. What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? And why? I mean, I probably don't even need to ask why, because most people are very opinionated on this subject and can speak, at length, about their GSC of choice.
For your reference, and so you can thoughtfully consider all the options (as if you don't already know that you have 10 boxes of thin mints tucked away in your freezer to enjoy all year round), here are your choices:

Thin Mints (chocolate/mint)
Do-si-dos (peanut butter sandwich)
Trefoils (shortbread)
Tagalongs (peanut butter coated with chocolate)
Samoas (carmel/coconut/chocolate)

By the by, I'm not including all the new ones from 2006 and 2007, as really, it's kind of a farce that the Girl Scouts are trying to be all things to all people, and quite honestly, when do you ever hear anyone mentioning "Little Brownies" or "Thanks-a-lot" cookies?
That's what I thought.
Furthermore, there are some quality cookies that have been retired recently, most notably the Lemon Pastry Cremes. I looked into this and found a whole litany of retired cookies, many well before my days of Girl Scouting.

Just eating them brings back memories of those tacky brown and green uniforms, and the patches... ahhhh the patches. I always secretly hated those girls who had to basically get a SECOND sash because they had earned so many patches. Overachievers. And you know their moms totally did all of it anyhow. Then there was me, the girl whose patches sat in a drawer collecting dust because her mom worked and didn't have time to sew them on. And then one day did have time but accidentally sewed them on upside-down, so she had to wear her sash the wrong way. And who actually had to go door-to-door in her neighborhood to sell cookies rather than send the form to work with her parents... to "instill a good work ethic." Right. Talk about being traumatized as a kid... (Mom, I promise it's ok, really).

Needless to say, my stint in the Girl Scouts was short-lived.
In any event, vote for your favorite. Make your voice heard. And earn your patch.


Becca GVR said...

Can I vote for 2? Because I LOVE Thin Mints AND Tagalongs. So I vote for both. Yum...thin mints in the freezer....MMMMMM...too bad Passover starts tomorrow. :-(

preethi said...

It's a toss up between Samoas (so glad they reverted after that brief stint of calling them Caramel Delights) and frozen Thin Mints. Ohhh, so good. Tagalongs are a distant third, only because the first two defy all excellence.