Friday, March 30, 2007


You know how there are those foods that no matter where you are and what is with it, you choose that meal because it has "your" food? For me, it's mango. And more recently, avocado. No lie, if I'm at a restaurant and reading down the menu and I see mango or avocado somewhere in the description, it's a done deal. Signed, sealed, delivered. Avocado is a more recently developed obsession, but mango, ohhhh mango how I love thee. Mango smoothies, mango salsa, mango dipping sauces, mango anything. On fish, on meat, in a salad, in stirfry, it's just awesome. And avocado. Be it in a salad or sandwich, or in guacamole, I'm there. In fact, I realized that I've eaten avocado almost every day in recent memory. And my mango obsession is well-established amongst my friends who fondly refer to me whenever THEY see something mango-related.
Does everyone have a food like this? Or is it just me?


preethi said...

Ditto both. If you haven't tried them before, Trader Joe's mango salsa and avocado shakes (often with boba at Chinese places) could easily be my lifeblood.

Anastasiya said...

P, what about Taro? That's my new favorite boba.

And Liz, check out the fresh tuna burger with mango salsa at Burgers and Cupcakes (23rd and 8th Ave). I think you can get them with avocado too. =)