Thursday, May 24, 2007

Carnegie Shmarnegie

Remember that time that I performed in Carnegie Hall?

I can't wait to tell that story when I'm like... 30.
So I had wanted to do a "pre-Carnegie" entry, cause I was real excited last week and thought it would be cool to have a "pre" and a "post." Well, I didn't, so this is what you've got.

It didn't hit me until the first rehearsal. Honestly, it was kind of this little fairy tale story that I had told myself, and I thought for sure that something would happen (say, getting hit by a car, losing my voice, or otherwise being maimed or injured such that I would not be able to sing) and it just wouldn't happen. I thought there was no way I would actually get to sing in Carnegie Hall.

So even after the first 4 hour rehearsal which put me high up in the clouds of excitement, I was still cautiously optimistic. But boy oh boy, hearing all the different groups sing together and working with our rockin conductor, Rodney Caldwell, it all became real. And I could not sit still for the rest of the day.

And then the second 4 hour rehearsal. And then the real clincher- dress rehearsal, with the orchestra, ON Carnegie's stage. Ahhhhhhhmazing. And this dude John who was in charge of the whole shebang gave us this little speech of, "I know you may be tempted when you walk onto the stage to just revel in all the great music that has been performed on this great stage before you. From Tchaikovsky down through the ages. But just wait until you get in your spot on the risers first, so you don't hold people up behind you."

It was, to say the least, a pretty awesome experience, an opportunity for which I am very thankful. But hopefully in a small way we did Faure's Requiem some justice. I, however, could not hear a single note of the piece as we performed, as the pipes of the organ were directly behind my head, and I'm pretty sure I could feel the organ in my bone marrow. But, I will simply take joy in having produced music. Music is not what's written on a piece of paper, it's what we bring to the little notes, it's the inspiration, the beauty, the joy that is inspired in even one soul that is listening. And that, to me anyway, is what it's all about.

I was so fortunate that many of my friends, coworkers, and family could be at the performance. In fact I had quite a cheering section up in the nosebleeds. And Meesh and Anthony made the trip from their cities to come see me, which was such an added blessing. Also, my parents, brother, and Bob and Cathy came, making the evening all the more special. Hopefully it was worth it. But I suppose I've been spoiled, as, now that I've performed in Carnegie Hall, will anything ever compare? I suppose if Dr. Caldwell taught me one thing it is that it's not the venue, it's the music that is made in it. So yes, I look forward to continuing to make music to inspire and to bring joy... wherever it may be.

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