Thursday, May 24, 2007

Diminished Capacity

Today I walked outside to go for a run and what did I see across my street but 5 large trucks overflowing with movie equipment, cameras, lights, and all kinds of craziness. Not such a common sight in little ole Park Slope. So after my run and grocery-buying, I inquired what was being filmed to two men who were standing outside watching this all unfold. The one man replied, in a thick Brooklyn accent, "A movie." Thank you, Sherlock. Upon further questioning, he informed me that it was the movie Diminished Capacity, starring Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, and Virginia Madsen. Swiggity sweetness! And his house was conveniently located immediately behind the food table, which apparently was responsible for the relocation of his car which had previously been in that locale.

So I'm thinking immediately after writing this, I'm totally going outside and checking out to see if maybe Sarah Jessica Parker is hanging around to watch her hubby. Or just in general see what's going on. I mean, my building might actually be in the movie. Which is pretty awesome. But I'm thinking maybe I'll change out of my sweaty running clothes first. Can you imagine the irony of my first celeb siting in New York being right in my own "backyard" and I'm smelly and wearing my Rob's Fight Like the Gladiator t-shirt? I will totally put the picture on Rob's cancer blog. Rock on.

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