Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Around the Office

Lots is happening around the office. Basically all in the usual vein of EA excellence.

We have some new employees. I hope we don't scare them away, they seem pretty cool. And smart. And motivated. We might have to curb that enthusiasm a bit, they're making us look like slackers.

Yesterday our librarian's grandchildren were visiting. They're 2 and 5, both boys. I was playing with them, of course, cause who can resist playing with little boys and their trucks?? Our office manager happens to be doing a survey of the office children, so she decided to do that while they were visiting. Now, she clearly never has had boys, because trying to get them to answer questions about their hobbies and talents while playing with a new truck is like trying to eat soup with chopsticks. Futile. But, I think the best exchange was the following:

Ronnie: What is your favorite food?
Tyler (the 5 year old): I don't know, I like all foods
Ronnie: Be more specific
Tyler (stops playing with his truck, thinks for a second, and looks at her): Ethiopian!!

I thought I was going to die laughing.

Today I am sitting at my desk, diligently editing our prostate cancer project document and Charles walks by looking for the paper cutter, so I say, "Why don't you use scissors?" To which he responds "Why don't you get back to work?"
Hardy har har.
But, I still got him real good the other day when we were all standing waiting to have our monday lunch and he says, "Wow, this looks like the line outside the old folks home for the early bird special." To which I respond, "Well, you would know, wouldn't you?" He then promised me that I would have a "very long week."
See, it's fun working in New York with a Giuliani, and never dull, with all that Italian-ness bursting at the seams. Today I asked him if his cousin became president if we would have secret service people at the office. He said, "No, cause I'll be secretary." Right.

We also have several contests ongoing this summer, mostly prompted by Jon's competitive spirit. He and Cwall had a cookie eating contest- who could eat 15 girl scout cookies the fastest. Cwall represented and crushed Jon. It was a proud moment for me as a fellow female.
Then we have our FoodWorld Salad contest. Basically we're seeing who can get the heaviest salad from FoodWorld, our staple lunch place. It's a challenge because you're only allowed to put 6 ingredients in the salads, with only 2 meats, but they put a LOT in. The goal is a two pound salad, and Darren has the highest right now, at 1.84 pounds. My best to date is 1.57 pounds.
Other than that, just a little friendly summer-fitness challenge between Jon and Jesse and also me and Jon... I am shooting for a 22:30 3-mile time, and Jon is trying to get down to a 5:10 mile. Whoever is closer by August 1 wins. I think he's going to destroy me, being that he's one of the most competitive people I know, but it's still fun. Or maybe futile. Take your pick.

Keepin it real, each and every day, here at EA.

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