Monday, June 18, 2007

Time Warner Cable

Ok, so I was talking to Lindsay (my former roommate) the other night and she goes, "Hey, so Time Warner is still billing me for our cable, were you able to switch it over?" To which I replied, "Huh, that's funny because they're billing ME for our cable too."
So Lindsay called TWC after we got off the phone only to find out that they couldn't stop billing her, or really even talk to her, because my name is now on the bill. And in fact, we have to send in proof that we were both in fact billed. So, Lindsay asked if she could get the fax number so we could send them said proof (even though, come on, couldn't they SEE in their system that they billed us twice??)... oh but no, they wouldn't even give her the fax number. I had to call and get it.
Seriously?? Seriously.
Really really special.

So, as it turns out, I wasn't actually billed, I just thought I was because I received the bill in the mail and assumed that they took the money out of my account. So in the end it's really my fault, but still, Time Warner is still absurd.

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