Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fab Five Reunite: Wine Class Finale

Remember way back when we started a wine class at work and it was the greatest thing ever? Well, we never finished, and we've been trying to schedule a night to go to a BYOB and do the last class. Well, last Friday we finally did it. And oh what a night it was. The Fab Five reunited for a glorious night of wine tasting, eating, and dancing. As you look at these pictures you might not be able to help thinking, "Wow, these people are all attractive and awesome. Liz is so lucky to work with people that fun." Well, you would be right. ;)

Kicking off our wine tasting with a little white. Man I love that dress

Jabels the stud playin it cool

We can't convince Jesse that he is in fact white. Very white.

Cwall in her awesome dress

AChan, the rock star with his own business

Me and my boys

And just for fun, a little rockin out at Libation after our wine "class"

Wine class finale = Success

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