Saturday, June 09, 2007


Memorial Day weekend Kate had a party at her house on Long Island. It was basically the best idea ever. Because what's more American than grilling hamburgers, swimming in a pool, playing frisbee, and smoking cigars on Memorial Day? So, we had fun. Lots and lots of fun. There were some minor disputes as to the legitimacy of the USC (kate's alma mater, and therefore many of the party attendees alma mater as well) Trojans' claims to being the "Ivy League of the West Coast." I mean, it's a complete farce of a statement, but we were entertained by their "rationale." But basically, I met some new people, hung out with some of my favorite people, and had a good time. What more could I ask for on Memorial Day weekend?Chillin by the pool

The guys playing soccer

Jon and I dominating at chicken fights. Let me just put it out there that it is not so easy for a girl to have a guy on her shoulders

Alexandria, Jesse, and Kate

Cuteness of Kate, Patrick, and Lauren

Me and Patrick rockin the cigars. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm going to get throat cancer. Then I get over it

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Kate said...

you're just jealous because on the east coast, Penn has to share the distinction of being an ivy league school with a whole bunch of other schools. USC clearly rocks the west coast--because everyone knows a school that calls it self "The Farm" and whose mascot is a dancing tree, i.e. Stanford, is damn near being a community college