Friday, June 29, 2007

My mom in the news!

My mom is one of those unsung heroes (as I think many moms are) who is just... awesome. Period. She's basically one of the coolest people I know, and she also happens to be my mom. She's one of those people who not only is motivated and driven and has built a great career, but she's done it well because she loves people. I'll never forget when I went into work with her when I was a kid and she knew... everyone. Which is saying something, because she works in a huge-ass hospital. She knew the names not only of the big wigs and the higher ups, but the janitors and the people who changed the bed pans. For those of you who don't know her, my mother is a hospital administrator. And basically they give her the crappy hard jobs and the difficult sectors of the hospital to fix, and she does it with flying colors. Why? Because she loves people. She's a connector, a mover and shaker.

Her most recent project is basically being responsible for building a new hospital. No big deal. It's her little baby, and honestly, I wouldn't know how big of a deal it because she plays it down, but then I get little hints of it when she'll mention the meetings she has with the mayor. Or when she's quoted in the paper. She's basically awesome. And I have so much respect for her because she's a woman in a field that is dominated by men, and she just does things her own way- humbly. Often times she doesn't wear her name tag in a visible place, because she hates people knowing she's a VP. She just wants to do her job, do it well, and with her own distinct flare. Thank you mom for being such a great example.

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