Monday, July 30, 2007

Best Elevator Ride Ever

As most days here at EA, we gathered ourselves up into the "lunch train" and today set out for Hale and Hearty soup. It was me, Erin, Todd, Courtney, and Lauren. We get on the elevator (we're on the 7th floor) and a few floors down it stops and an exceedingly tall black man gets on the elevator. We're talking the type of tall where he had to duck to get in. Let me just say that I was so amused at seeing a 7'+ man standing next to Lauren and Erin, who are only about 5'3" that I didn't even really think about much else... though I had a sneaking suspicion about who he was.

We get off said elevator and are walking out and Todd goes, "You know who that was, right? Kareem Abdul Jabbar." Thinking he's just pulling our chain because he could really say any famous basketball player and we would believe him, I was like, "No, seriously? Seriously?"

Yep, he was serious. It was Kareem in all of his 7'2," 267 pound glory. And I stood next to him for a whole 14 seconds.

I think the best part of the story is that while we were in Hale and Hearty I was like, "Dude, Courtney, did you know who that was on the elevator?" because she hadn't been listening when Todd told us it was Kareem. And she goes, "What are you talking about?" She hadn't even noticed that there was a 7 foot tall man on the elevator beside her. At all. No recollection of it.

You had better believe that all the other guys who went to FoodWorld today and left after us were totally jealous. Suckaaaaaz

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