Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wonderful Watermelon

On the Fourth when we were in Florida, The River Club (the social club where the condo was) had a little party. Food, drinks, music, hula-hoop contests, the usual 4th 'o July down-home American good times. But when I heard watermelon-eating contest, I knew I had found my event. Eating as much watermelon as possible in 2 minutes? Um, yes please. So both my brother and I entered. It was half kids and half adults. No hands. They had weighed the watermelon in advance and they were (supposedly) all the same weight. So we ate. And honestly, I'm not an eating-contest type, but watermelon is something I can definitely EAT. Meggers was standing by with the camera ready.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my bro got 2nd, and I got 3rd. Who did we lose to? A 10 year old girl. No, I'm not kidding. And apparently she won the blueberry pie eating contest last 4th. Her dream is to be the next Kobayashi, and so as close as it was, I think I represented pretty darn well.

That chicky across from J on the left, yeah, she's the one who won.

Wow that is a really special picture. I wish you could've seen my brother's white swimming trunks when we were done.

The Spangler Children at their best. Our parents would be proud.

And just for kicks, two pics of me and Meggers. Wouldn't it figure that I go on a FAMILY vacation and have zero pics with my family and a lovely selection of me stuffing my face and being silly with Meg. Keepin it real.

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