Monday, August 20, 2007

Price Relativity

Whenever I leave New York I realize how everything here is kind of a perversion of reality. Well, actually, I realize it frequently WHEN I am here too, but particularly with $$, it's hit home real hard when I leave. Let's take a few comparisons.

$17- Price of a cab from all the way at the bottom of Manhattan to my apartment in Brooklyn (mind you, from midtown it's nearly $30), OR the price of a train from Manhattan to Philly.

$189- Cost of 12 minutes in a helicopter ride over the NYC skyline, seeing the major sites OR a flight to Miami (where one of my college roommates lives) for a weekend

$4- Price of four genetically-engineered, faked-up apples OR the price of the entire peck of freshly-grown tomatoes (which amounts to about 30 nice sized ones) my gram bought when I was at home from a local farmer

$5.75- Cost of 8 little tiny pieces of sushi-roll at FoodWorld (the place we often go for lunch) or the price of a bottle of water, soft pretzel plus cheese dipping sauce, and a rather large bag of KettleKorn at the Little League World Series (which is free entry)

$1000- Just slightly less than what I pay all by myself per month in rent OR just slightly more than what Preethi AND her roommate pay combined for rent plus a parking space in a gated lot plus a washer/dryer in their apartment, per month

Relativity? It'll kill ya. So I just try not to think about it.

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preethi said...

Glad I could contribute to keeping you grounded in reality. :)