Tuesday, August 28, 2007

EA Picnic

Even though it was a few weeks ago, I am posting pics from our awesome company picnic. You know you work at a special place when every single employee takes the idea of a Harry Potter themed picnic and runs, no, sprints with it. Here at EA we have four managing directors, which correlates nicely with the four houses in HP. Teams were formed around the MDs and announced one week prior to the picnic. Shirts, flags, chants, mottos, and crests were made with the utmost of creativity and care. Pranks were pulled. Costumes were worn. At the picnic we had trivia, win-lose-or-draw, and kickball (all with HP names, of course), and it was, well, competitive. One of our principals pulled both of his hamstrings playing kickball. If that doesn't say dedication, I don't know what does. Basically, it was a blast. Here is a pictoral description of the day...

Starting out, here is Jesse and I with our team flag

Team Cassesendor (my team) with our shirts, discussing the trivia questions

Jon, Me, and Dr. Dave rockin out with some inter-team mingling. Aren't I lucky to work with such good looking guys?

Darren and all of his mentees. We ambushed him from behind because we knew he would never agree to a picture otherwise. But just looking at the smile on his face tells how much he loves us, even if he keeps it hidden deep down. By the way, this pic is now my computer wallpaper.

Pick-up volleyball in between events... as if we weren't already getting enough exercise for the day

The winning team of the Goblet of Unmet Need: Hufflelowe

My team: Cassesendor, although we're missing a few because some people left early

Team Manclaw.

Team Hasseryn. This would be the team responsible for sneaky and conniving pranks the week before. True to their Slytherin heritage

Oh, and lest we forget, the picnic committee responsible for this awesome splendid time

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