Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shoutout to Robert

My managing director right now is Robert. Never having worked for him before, I find each and every day a new adventure. And being the only woman on an all male team studying cosmetic lasers, it's never a dull day. He gives me a hard time about being a girl and I give him a hard time about being bald. A good healthy working relationship.

Robert also was the managing director who discovered my blog. Sneaky little bugger that he is. Always on his blackberry. ALWAYS.

Robert is funny in a completely filterless way. He just flatout says what's on his mind. Kind of like Jesse, except he can get away with it because he runs the place.
Robert also makes a comment once or twice a week about my blog, and that is why I'm writing an entry for him. Because the nature of his statements is usually about how something he has said will "probably end up on your blog." Or "you haven't written lately, what's the deal?" So Robert, hello, and I'm writing about you. I hope you are pleased with my work. I expect you'll immediately send this to the other MDs on your blackberry. Stay true to form, that's what we love.

(And feel free to add an extra zero onto the end of my bonus, if you're so inclined...)

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