Thursday, September 27, 2007


How do I explain GirlTalk? Well, he's a white Jewish dude with an afro who mixes music. Kind of like a DJ but so so much more. Because not only does he mix music, but he does it seamlessly, interweaving songs, overlaying and sampling songs, and masterfully creating his own "genre" of dance music. It's really remarkable, check out his stuff.

And so, he played in NYC. And obviously a bunch of us from work went. It was at Webster Hall, which is a big open room with a stage. And at first everyone was just in a mass on the floor dancing. Then they let people up on stage. Like 100 people. And no barriers around the dude, there were people literally on top of him as he was mixing the music. It was absolute insanity. And really really fun. Pictures, as usual, say it best.

You can't really tell, but this is not just the floor, but the stage in the back, too. That's how many people were on said stage.

THE most awesome pic of the ladies. Ever ever.

Is it possible these three people can command so much beauty? I totally took it. ;)

The obligatory "Jesse and Jon kissing Liz" pic.

Me and Kate. But more interesting to note: Jesse' face. Or Jon's chest hair.

Spangles and Jabels, the dynamic duo.

Get low.

This may go down as one of the best hold-out shots in history. Too bad Kate didn't get herself into it, even though she was doing the holding-out.

Good music. Good friends. Good times.

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