Thursday, September 27, 2007

Five Year Reunion

This year is my five-year high school reunion. I'm sorry, what? I think back to when I graduated high school and was thinking thoughts like "I wonder where I'll be in 5 years. I wonder how I'll have changed. I wonder who I'll still be in touch with. I wonder who will be engaged/married/divorced/have kids." And it's here. All together a long time and yet entirely a blink of an eye in the bigger picture. Yes, I went to college in Philly for 4 years and learned a lot, grew a lot, made a bunch of friends, experienced cool stuff, and then graduated. And yes I went to Europe for 6 weeks (um, was that really over a year ago??) to backpack around with my best friend. And then I moved to New York, big-eyed and really just completely a malleable ball of human clay, even after all those life-changing years of college. And now I'm the "experienced" one, helping NEW graduates get used to life in the 'real world.'

And it flew by. So so fast.

But really, I'm only 23. And those 5 years are only a fraction of that 23, and (hopefully) only a fraction of what I have ahead of me. Like, say, grad school, a husband, children, a house. You know, the good stuff.

Five year high school reunion, huh? It should be interesting. I wonder what/how I'll be thinking when I'm at my 25th. Or, rather, what I will reflect back upon at THAT point.

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