Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Celeb Sightings

I was so wrong about the Donald Trump book signing being next week. Because it's today. Like right now The Donald is in our building signing books. And let me tell you what, the entourage of people outside our building is tres overwhelming. But Jesse and I happened to be walking back from lunch at 12:45 when his limo rolled up and we saw him. And his comb-over. Insanity ensued outside B&N.

In other news while eating in Bryant Park we saw Harry from Sex and the City, Charlotte's second husband. I'm currently watching SATC straight through, and I've only just finished season 3 when she's still married to Trey. But, I can now say I have seen Harry in person.
I should definitely hang out with Jesse more often because I never spot celebs when I'm by myself. That, my friends, is a successful lunch outing in New York.

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