Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Music Finds

Pandora has changed my view of the music world. And given me so much new music and so many new artists to investigate, it's just awesome. My new deal is finding less well-known artists who are swiggity sweet and then buy their music and (hopefully) go see them play somewhere in NYC, usually for $20 or less. Here are a few recent finds, some of whom have recently exploded into a more main-stream audience. Click on their names for a link to their pages, listen to their stuff.

Colbie Caillat- I saw her open for Life House and GooGoo Dolls- she was the best act by far, I love her stuff.
Jason Reeves- Found out about him because he's friends with Colbie, does a few songs with her. And I saw him last week, pretty sweet.
Katy Pfaffl- Found out about her because she was opening for Jason. Didn't really listen to her much before going to the concert, but she is really really awesome live. And now I love her.
James Morrison- One of my original "finds" on Pandora, an Aussie who is really chill and really fun live.
Matt Wertz- He's pretty awesome. Not only because he's from Tennessee (as many of these peeps are, and I'm convinced it's where all the good music nowadays is coming from), but because some of my friends know him. My army of friends from TN.
Derek James- I don't really remember where I found him. But I liked him. And then I kept listening. And liked him more. And he's from Brooklyn. Which obviously means he's cool.
Matt White- A find of Alexandria's, in our mutual quest for good music. She got his CD for free somehow. Shared it with me. And then I found out he's playing WITH derek in NYC in october. Sweet.
Gabe Dixon Band- They have a live album at a venue on Penn's campus. That's enough to make them awesome.
Dave Barnes- Sweet, mellow, chill, and a honey voice that just makes you melt. I absolutely love him.

So as I was putting up the links to their pages, I just found out that Gabe Dixon, Dave Barnes, and Matt Wertz are touring together. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! I am so ridiculously jealous that they're only playing south of the Mason Dixon, because you KNOW I would be there, front and center. Oh man, three of my favorite (and yet unseen) artists all playing together??? I may have to take a mini-trip somewhere. If you live in the south, check out their tour dates. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Any other new music that YOU've discovered? Let me know. I always love sharing and finding out about new artists. Rock on.

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