Monday, October 08, 2007

On time!

For the first time this year my flight to AND from a location was on time, without incident.

Just let it sink in, because this is kind of a big deal. This is the 8th time I've flown somewhere this calendar year. From the easy (like, say, DC) to the more distant (say, Paris), I have flown many places in many seasons on many airlines. And every single time there is an issue. Many have been recounted on this blog, but (to recap) include a woman being struck in the head by the drink cart that flew down the center aisle, my plane being struck by lightning, watching my connecting flight pull out of the gate as I run to catch it, and an overnight stay in DC on my way home from Chicago (a 2 hour flight that turned into 15 hours). So, for me to fly without incident, without delay, and not even in a middle seat, wow. WOW WOW WOW. I actually THANKED the pilot when I got off my flight down to Miami because I was so happy.

The only thing on my return flight was how close I cut it. So we may or may not have left Meg's house a little late, and definitely rolled up to the airport at 5:45 for my 6:20 flight. And you know what, I think I was the least nervous person in that car. Ok, I was a *little* concerned when I saw the 200 person security line. But I walked onto my plane at 6:10 and was perfectly fine, and didn't even break a sweat. And that, my friends, is what flying should be like.

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