Thursday, October 11, 2007

Party in the city where the heat is on

No joke, Miami is a hot hot place.

I roll up from my New York City cool fall air and walk outside to sit and wait for Meg and Meesh to pick me up at the airport. Yeah, I lasted all of 3 minutes before I walk back inside to hyper-airconditioned world. And we're talking at 8pm.
So I adjusted. And by adjusted I mean I just sweat a lot. I tried to run once and lasted a solid 22 minutes. I've never sweat so much on a 22 minute run in my life.

So it was the reunion of all reunions. My college roommates (Meg, Sally, and Meesh) all back together, in the same place, for the first time since graduation. Much anticipated, and much much needed. So Meg lives in Miami now, Meesh in Boston, Sal in Memphis, and obviously me here in the NYC.
First of all, now that I've been to all of their houses (yes, 2 of the 3 of them live in houses, and Sal has a sick condo, which kind of counts), I can wallow in the true sadness of New York City apartment living. Meg's house is sweet, and so perfect for her and her 2 friends. And their back yard is a pool. Jealous? Yes. Meesh and I went in on Thursday night, but Sal and Meg had to work on Friday. So we picked Sal up at the airport late Friday night. I wanted to blast "Faded" and hang out the sun roof as we drove up. Meg was not such a fan of that idea.

What did we do in our 3 days in Miami? Well, true to form, not a whole lot in terms of actual tangible events. Per se. Ok so we happened to choose a weekend in the 3 weeks of tropical storm season. Awesome. So needless to say we got rained on a few times. We also met a lot of hot, errr, awesome people. People are really friendly in Miami. And really really blinged out, at all hours of the day. And night. But that goes without saying.

I think I underestimated how much alcohol costs in South Beach. Because I definitely spent more money on alcohol than on everything else combined. Like maybe including my plane ticket. My goal was 10 mojitos. I love mojitos. They don't make a bad mojito in Miami. Or really anything that is unattractive in any way, shape, or form. Like I said, a hot hot place. We were together for the first time in a year and a half... so we took some pictures. And by some I mean a lot. Here are a few.

Because what else would we do on a random cloudy Friday than buy big sunglasses and take pictures? Did I mention that there are about 10 other pics equally as silly?

This was the beach. Tres awesome.

This was us huddled under an awning as a raging storm passed through. Tres not awesome.

So this one place had 2 for 1 mojitos. And given that one little one like that was $11, it actually made it... reasonable. We had quite a few mojitos there during the storms that would roll through.

Mmmm mojitos. I think that we have strawberry and mango ones now.

Meggers and Spangles bonding over paella.

One of my gifts is taking amazing "hold out" shots. Yes, it is a gift. A talent even. This would be a good example of that. The pre-going-out picture.

This would be my bill for $55 for yes, you guessed it, 4 mojitos.

I promise, we're not alcoholics.

Ok, so in Miami people dance on the bar. No big deal.

"Drowning babies." I would explain it, but then people might think we were weird.

All in all, a splendid weekend of catching up, dancing, sunning, loving, cuddling, and just being... comfortable. These are my girls. And I can't wait to see the adventures we have when we're 33. Or 63. I love my 2210/209ers.

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