Friday, October 26, 2007

Why I Love my Roommate Version #86

Sample of a conversation between Kathy and I after work one night (Side note: My roommate Kathy is an interior designer, in case you have forgotten, and her current project is for a very famous movie star's apartment. I can't tell you who. That would be like me writing on my blog about who my client is at work. No getting people fired because of my blog. She basically has been killing herself for this project and working crazy hours. She also happens to be hysterically funny in an icy New England snarky kind of way, so she makes light of the situation as best she can. I adore her):

Me: So what did you do today?
K: We had to take her dining room table up ON TOP of the elevator.
Me: Wait, what do you mean?
K: Like literally on top of the elevator. It wouldn't fit inside. I had to get the table upstairs. And it was too heavy to carry. So that's how we got it up. Common practice in our industry.
Me: Oh... alrighty then...
K: Yeah and then I was unpacking her clothes. It was honestly the most beautiful clothing ever. I could barely contain myself. Then I put her children's easel together. I mean seriously, what is my life?? How am I doing this??
Me: Yeah well, today I talked to a doctor about how when the drug we're studying used to be pills instead of IV, patients would have to take 560 pills in 4 days and they would make people vomit... and then the doctor's would have to search through the vomit to see how many pills they threw up and make them take new ones... so the docs are really in favor of the IV formulation.
Kathy: Oh... alrighty then...

Who has the more interesting job? You decide.


Courtney said...

Us, obviously!!!!
I heart you! xox

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