Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cutest Cousins Ever

Now I know a lot of people say/think that they have the cutest kids/cousins/nieces/nephews ever. But I really think that my cousin's kids could possibly actually be the cutest two little boys ever to grace this earth. Completely objectively, of course. Enhancing their adorableness on the outside are two lovely friendly hams on the inside that will win your heart faster than you can say mohawk. Just to prove that I'm right, here are a few pictures, some taken by me and some by their parents, my super awesome cousins. Little baby Trent is about 4 months right now, and Luke is 3. And I adore them. If someday I have kids half this friggin cute I would be a happy happy momma.
This is currently my desktop wallpaper. The mohawk/drool combo is just pure quality.

Yeah, that's right, I'm a cutey.

Ladies, meet Heartbreakers 1 and 2. Stealing women's hearts since 2004.

What a good older brother!

Who can resist those smiles??

And the best for last. This is the most classic of pictures. Which I'm sure they will absolutely hate when they're teens, but oh my gosh, this is the greatest. Ever.

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