Tuesday, December 04, 2007

High School Reunion

Ah, high school reunions. They're the breeding ground for bad jokes and good blogs. Who got fat? Who got skinny? Who got knocked up? Who tied the knot? There's just so much material. True to form, I helped with the planning. Also true to form, when the *&^%$( people at the bar where we wanted to have the party basically royally screwed us over, I stepped in to play "bad cop" and kick some booty. Needless to say, we got the place. So, our first ever high school reunion took place on Black Friday at the Bullfrog Brewery. Though attendance wasn't as high as I would have guessed/hoped, it was a quality bunch, and in fact a pretty diverse sampling from our class. And you know, it was actually really pleasant. Laughter, food, stories, and drinks. And my music mix to hold it all together.

One of the more amusing moments occurred near the end of the night, when this guy who we'll just call "Pete" casually draped his arm over my shoulder and informed me, "You know Liz, I just want to tell you that back in high school I really thought you were pretty cute. Ya know, I still kind of do." To which I replied, "Gee, thanks Pete... and I'm sure your fiancee standing over there really appreciates you sharing that with me right now." (oh snap)

And I have to say, I was almost literally the only person in the room who was not
a) married
b) engaged
c) with child
d) about to be engaged
e) a parent
f) choose any 2 or 3 of the above

A really unique feeling I must say, fresh out of New York where I often find myself wondering why nearly everyone is
a) single
b) divorced
c) anti-relationships
d) anti-children
e) all of the above

Two different worlds, two very different extremes. The story of my life. Somehow I think it'll make me a more balanced person. Maybe? A few pics, per usual:

The reunion planners: Me, Dana, and Audra

Boys will be boys


One of our class advisors. It was kind of weird to be drinking beer with her, but... not really.

Ah Joshy... who didn't even go to our school, but you would think he did because he honestly probably went to more of our dances than I did. And by the way, he came to our reunion. And knows, oh right, everyone.

Case in point: Josh and the ladies. I think everyone in that picture has taken Josh as a date to something at some point.

And here it is, the whole gang. I can't quite explain how difficult it was to actually get everyone to stand in one cohesive group together and not talk/pinch/push/grab one another long enough to take the pictures. Ah the memories.

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