Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Inclusions Movie Premiere

Last weekend I went to my first ever actual real live movie premier. As previously written about, my friend Cass was the sound engineer for the movie The Inclusions. In case you didn't know, the sound is basically what holds a movie together and makes bits and pieces of scenes form one contiguous FILM. Not only did he add all the foley, but he wrote and performed much of the soundtrack. With his friend Chris, the filmer/editor, they essentially made the movie.

And I just got to be arm candy for the evening.
Well, actually, I played a pivotal role in the premier. Cass had called me Thursday night stressed because the guy who was supposed to bring the back-up tapes of the movie wasn't going to make it in time. And they were in Manhattan. So could I, by any chance, pick them up and bring them out? Oh, and just know that they're very very expensive.

Sure, no problem. Happy to be of use.

So I trekked out to Connecticut. With the tapes. We're talking almost to Rhode Island, ie far from the land of Manhattan. Given that it's fall and the trees here turn only one color- puke brown, I thought a weekend in New England would be an added bonus. I met Chris, I met Chris' lovely girlfriend Courtney, and I saw Cass' parents for the first time in probably 8 years. I saw the bar where much of the movie was filmed. We walked down the red carpet. We were interviewed by a radio station. We went to the VIP party before the movie. I helped calm Cass down before the movie. I met the cast, the director, the producer. And in general just took it alllll in. It was just such a fun and lovely evening, and I was simply happy to be there supporting Cass.

They sold nearly 1,000 tickets, filling up a really cool theatre in New London, and I couldn't have been more proud for them. With friends and family all around, it was a special night for all involved. And literally every single person I met (well, almost) who had worked on the film or was in Cass' group of friends, was just... nice. Friendly, welcoming, and warm. Which is really reassuring for someone who walks into a group of people where she knows approximately no one and everyone else knows everyone. After the movie we treated ourselves to some Wendys (high rollin twenty-somethings, you know), and then went to "the" bar. I don't know what the name of "the" bar is... they just kept calling it "the" bar. Maybe it's the only bar in New London. Hmmm.

But at this bar people kept buying us GoldSchlagger shots. Now, I don't know how many of you have ever had GoldSchlagger. I certainly had not before this night. However, a bottle of it sat in my apartment in college for most of the year, brought by someone at some point, though I can't recall why or who. But we just started at the gold flecks in the bottle. Never drinking it. I found out that night what it was though. Repeatedly. It's like liquid cinammon-stick candy cane. Basically you either love it or hate it.

A success? I would say so. The movie went off without a hitch, people were apparently pleased and praise was given in abundance. And me? I supported a very dear friend on one of the biggest nights of his life. Everything else was just icing on the cake. As usual, some pictures to sum it up:

Me and Cass, getting ready for the big night!

Our walk down the red carpet. I love that there was no one there at this point, because we came early for the dinner beforehand. Love it.

And our big interview.

Old School. Love it.

The movie poster! Cass' name is on there.

Cass and Chris before the movie. Chris is never going to live down the thumbs-upping.

This would be me and the theatre. Just because.

Me and the diamond. Ooooh shiny.

Yes, yes I took a picture of the opening credits with Cass' name.

The four main actors in the film, all smiles after the film.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of The Inclusions.

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