Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where's George?

I had heard about the existence of dollar bills with some sort of system where they could be tracked. Apparently said dollar bills had a website printed on them which you could go to and enter in the bill's serial number and year and then see where else the bill has "traveled."
Lo and behold this past weekend in Boston I got one of the bills! I went to pull out money for the bus and realized that one of the singles had writing on it, looked at it out of curiosity and it said: Trace This Bill: www.wheresgeorge.com. So I went. And I traced.

And it had only been one other place ever in its lifetime. What a letdown.

After all the buildup, I get a lame dollar. This particular bill has been around since 1995, and yet only one person has bothered to go and enter in its information prior to me. Am I the only person since April, and that person the only other person ever to think it would at least be slightly amusing or interesting to do? Did no one else notice the words written in red and blue ink all over the bill? Apparently.

Anyhow, I thought it was a pretty cool site. You can view the "top 10 bills" in terms of most number of entries, see where they've been, and read entrants' comments on the state of the bill and where they got them. Ultimately nerdy or totally cool idea? You decide. It's pretty interesting, at least to me anyhow.
And if you too would like to track my very own dollar bill, just go to Bill Lookup, enter the Series: 1995, and Serial Number: E69120985S.

Now only one question remains: where will I spend my trackable $1 bill?

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