Monday, November 26, 2007

Taking off the edge

Just as a disclaimer to my entry about people's commentary on my "New York"-ness... I realize this post may have come across more as "bitter-diatribe" rather than "funny-diatribe" so, if you were one of the many many people about whom this was written- please don't take offense. Rather, I commend you for being a contributing factor to my creative musings. You may in fact think of this post as yet another indicator of how "New York" I've become. But I promise you, I meant no harm or offense by it (Hey, I love Applebees too). It just makes for good writing material. So please, take it with a grain of salt and don't think for a second that it was directed at any individual or really is indicative of my care for any individual. I kid because I love. And I love to kid. Almost as much as I love to love. So get your undies out of that bundle and go on back to doing your work. You know you're reading this as a distraction during work. What else are blogs good for? Certainly not for anything useful or practical.

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