Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ticket to Ride... and Ride and Ride

This morning on the subway as per usual there was that one guy who felt the need to share his music with all of the rest of us. Only he was listening to The Beatles Ticket to Ride rather than the usual blasting of rap music. (Side bar- Do people really enjoy listening to rap music blasted at full club-level volume at 8am? Seriously.) So I thought, ahh, no big deal, it's the Beatles, I'm ok sharing in this man's morning music.

Then he played it again. Ok, no big deal, he likes this song. It's a quality tune, I'll give him that.
Then he played it again. Ok now, it's a good song, but really, 3 times is pleeeenty of "my baby don't carin" for me for one morning commute.
Oh but no, he just continued to play it. Again and again and again. And I maybe could have thought that he just had his iPod on repeat for that song if he weren't starting it over mid-song, at different places each time.
So this morning I heard Ticket to Ride, or about half of it, ooooh say 8 times. Or maybe I just stopped counting at 8. And this is even with me getting off to hop on the express subway, leaving him and his Beatles glory for the remaining 6 stops I would have usually stayed on.
Thank you my fellow rider (no pun intended) for making my morning one to remember.

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