Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where's the Sun?

I can't remember the last time we had a sunny day in New York City. I really can't. So it must have been sometime in October, because November has been the most gray and dismal month ever. It rains almost every day, which means I have headaches almost every day (yes, yes, my headaches are triggered by rain, at long last I discovered what it is- So maybe it's not the "rain" per se, but the changing atmospheric pressure or humidity levels or... something scientific like that). And by "rain" I mean mists in a manner such that you have to carry an umbrella but you're not really sure if you'll need it, because it's just... mist... but, then again, that one moment you don't bring an umbrella the sky will open up and it's like God Himself is shooting the largest ever Super Soaker of rain at you and you alone, from all angles, and no matter how big of an umbrella you have it's just not good enough. It's cloudy. It's gray. It's just downright depressing. And it's not even cold enough to snow. Gray clouds + snow = ok. Gray clouds for the sake of gloom = not ok.

Basically, I have decided that NYC has the worst weather ever. It's maddeningly humid most of the summer, unbearable in August, dreary and rainy in the fall, and when it does snow, it turns to brown muckity muck in the blink of an eye. Fall? Nonexistent- it goes straight from 60s to 30s, and the trees turn from puke green to puke brown. And the rare days when it IS a clear sunny humidity-free day? It's like the entire city has for so long been cooped up inside around their AC or heaters that literally every ounce of humankind floods out into the streets and into the parks, taking up every square inch of space and making even those pleasant days unbearable what with the hoards of people surrounding you also soaking up the long lost sunshine.

Have I become a cynical jaded New Yorker?
I'm getting down from my soapbox now.

Please come out Mr. Sun. I miss you.
Is a little Vitamin D so much to ask for??

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