Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Doppelganger

How have I not written about this?! I just realized it today and had to write a brief entry.
What is a doppelganger? Basically, it's your look-alike. That person out there in the world who looks so uncannily like you that it's just... scary. And mine was found by my friend Lisa. One day she sent me an email that said "Who does this look like?" and a link to a photo album. I clicked on the link and there I saw... me. But I looked at the people in the picture and thought, "Hmmm... I don't know them. Who are they? Where are we?" And then I realized it wasn't me, but just someone who looks a LOT like me. What was even weirder was that her hair was kind of like mine, and she had on a big chunky necklace very reminiscent of the type of jewelry I often wear. I immediately sent the picture to everyone I know. And many of them were fooled as well. Someone even asked me why I sent them a random picture of myself, not knowing what a doppelganger was. So I just had to share.

Whoever that chicky is out there, I hope you have a lovely life. And I hope I never run into you. Because that would just be... weird. Would the world stop? Or implode? What happens when you meet your doppelganger? My friend Matty J saw his, well, we all saw his at a Mets game once. It was unreal. I saw this dude walking up the steps and thought, "Why did Matty buy a new hat?" I stared at him for a good 15 seconds before I realized it wasn't Matty. Then promptly pointed this dude out to everyone I was with. Needless to say, Matty was traumatized for a good few minutes when he finally returned (no hat) and I pointed out the doppelganger. Didn't introduce himself because it was just a little too... bizarre.

So, doppelganger, nice to "meet" you, and have a nice life.

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