Monday, December 17, 2007

My very own "overheard"

Today on the subway on my way to work two teenage girls were having a conversation. I tried to focus on my book, but really 16 year old girls speak at such a volume and about such absurd topics that it's nearly impossible to focus on anything other than their conversation. This particular duo was discussing the merits of hitting on (female) teachers and "messing with them." Girl #1 in particular felt it was her duty to make teacher's lives particularly difficult. The conversation then turned to more serious matters- college.

Girl #1: Yeah, so I want to go to school in Vermont. They have my major there.
Girl #2: Oh really?
Girl #1: Yea I want to be a translator. They have like 25 language there or something. Binghamton only have 5.
Girl #2: Cool
Girl #1: But first I have to rise up my grades. You gots to have real good grades to go there.

You rise up those grades hunny. Best of luck to you.

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