Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post-Surgery: Day 1

I've decided that hospitals may be the number one worst place to rest anywhere. Besides Times Square on New Year's Eve, I think I may be right. There is quite literally more going on in those places than I could have ever possibly imagined, none of which lends itself to repose. But the good news is, I'm home. No more every-15-minute-blood-pressure-taking with a cuff that is permanently on my arm. No more 1am Chest X-Rays. Just my great big bed and my great sheets and my great down comforter. Mmmm. For these things I am now even more grateful.

So, I'll give the full details in all of their gritty glory sometime later this week (and I CAN, because I was awake and lucid for the entire surgery, chatting away with everyone and asking questions), but for now, for anyone still wondering, I am home and well. Spirits high, joking about my first experience with a bedpan, and just generally bragging about the monstrous bruise on my groin. You wish you could be this cool. I spent today watching lots of DVDs of movies and TV shows, eating the crazy amounts of food that are being brought to me left and right (Kathy thinks I should have surgery more often), and hobbling around like a little gimpy girl. Thanks for all who have been praying and who have called/emailed/texted, it certainly has not gone unnoticed. Much love, from my new heart to yours.

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