Monday, December 01, 2008

Jigga What?

This morning I had a startling discovery as I combed my hair post-shower. This discovery came in the form of a white round spot on my head, known more commonly as a bald spot. No joke, two days ago when I parted my hair in THE SAME SPOT, I had full hair coverage of all areas of my scalp. Then today out of the blue appears a rather prominent spot of nakedness. What. The. Crap. How does this happen? I'm not old. I'm not undergoing chemotherapy. Is it possible that I have alopecia?! I seem to fit into the wikipedia diagnostic model! I don't know, but I showed literally everyone within shouting distance, and woh, there was much freaking-outage. Someone please tell me how this can be!! Some freak accident or cruel joke? The worst part is that now I keep feeling it, walking around during the day, I just touch it, and it's ALWAYS STILL THERE. Make it go away! I want my hair back! Aye chihuahua. For your viewing pleasure, I even took a picture, though it doesn't convey quite how prominent it is. But it's just. that. absurd.

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Carrie said...

Oh no, Lizziepie!