Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

It's getting warmer, even poking into the 60 degree realm every few days. Little green flower leaves are poking out of the ground. The fruit in the stores is starting to look less depressing. I have worn capris on two occasions. And I couldn't be happier! The other day I went to one of the many fresh fruit and vegetable markets to buy ingredients for a salad. I had to walk through an entire room of freshly cut flowers to get to the veggies, and oh what glorious scents greeted my nose! I wanted to buy them all! But just the day before I had bought yellow gerber daisies, so I restrained myself. I love the markets because almost all of the venders are old old wrinkly women (bunica is the word for them here), head scarves and all. The way I choose where to buy my veggies is by finding the wrinkliest most bunica-esque woman in the place and just buy away. Oh what wonders to eat lettuce picked from the ground that very morning! Though we may have a few more chilly spells before spring officially sets in, I am optimistic that spring will be here in its full glory very soon. 

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