Thursday, April 02, 2009

I See Skies of Blue!

Does anyone outside of Iasi understand why I would bother to write a post about the weather report for Iasi? Maybe if you live in Seattle or London or Portland you understand- this is unbelievable. Un-friggin-believable. In a so entirely great and amazing way. Given that in my first two months here I saw sun- I'm counting any ounce of sun, because I didn't think cloud-free days existed here- approximately 7 days (that would be out of 60, if you're doing the math), to have a forecast for FULLY SUNNY DAYS for the foreseeable future is just... a miracle! When I got up and checked my weather widget this morning I literally thought something was wrong with my computer, and I had to check a few times to make sure it was talking about Iasi and not Miami. Seriously friends, it's a big deal. Big. Deal. So big that I am blogging about it. Because obviously the point of blogging is to relay the crucially important information about your life, right? Right.

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preethi said...

Or, um, Philly. :)