Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Americans in Iasi

The month of April was filled with visitors from the States, amounting to a bit of a mini-ACTS reunion. First off came Jordan, here to see his now fiance Anca for an entire month! Then the GCM directors, Jeff and Val, and their daughter Louisa arrived to spend some time with our team. And last but certainly not least was Natalie, one of my dear friends from ACTS. I knew she was coming, but Anca did not, and so it was quite the surprise when she and I showed up at the park one day to meet she and Jordan. Though their visits all coincided with the busy events of Easter week, as well as Luci's final days, it was truly a blessing to have them all here. Their love, service, and joy were refreshing and energizing. Adding to that, they brought us quite a few items from the states that aren't available here, and I am thrilled to have a hand mixer (been making cookies with only a whisk- I have developed some darn strong wrist muscles), couscous, new piano music, and STASH tea, to name just a few. Here are just a few photos recollecting their time in Iasi:
One of the many wonderful engagement pics taken by Natalie of Jordi and Anca

And another

With Jordi, Anca, and Nat- gosh I love these guys

Enjoying lattes at my favorite cafe- Avant Garde

And the whole GCM family, all together!

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