Monday, April 27, 2009

I Love Luci

It has been almost a week since my teammate, roommate, and friend Luci has left Iasi, and I still can't quite believe it. For my first 3.5 months here she was my other half, guiding me through the ins and outs of life in Romania. Whether cooking a meal for 30 or 6 together, belting show tunes at the top of our lungs, or watching episodes of 24, we bonded over Jesus, Jason Robert Brown, and Jack Bauer. And now she's gone. What. The. Heck.

Before she left we threw her a little (ok, a big) surprise 'We Love Luci' celebration. We TOLD her her going-away party was going to be two days before her departure. But we planned a shindig two weeks before her departure, just to be cheeky. And so they came- many many people filled our small apartment (I was not altogether sure the floor would hold), brought oodles of food, and even came early to help set up and bake. It was great. Knowing how much Luci loves chocolate, much of the food had chocolate in it. Knowing Luci's affinity for bright colors, we had everyone wear brightly colored clothing. And understanding Luci's love of all things theatre, we decided the most appropriate way to show our love for her would be in the form of a talent show. Let's just say that a lot of great original poetry and song was said and sung that night. My contribution (I wouldn't quite call it "talent") was to rework the words of a song by one of Luci's most favorite bands- Ace of Base. I kind of thought it would be just the Americans who would know the song/find it amusing. Oh but no. EVERYONE knew this one, and since the chorus was not overly complicated, pretty much everyone sung along (to the tune of "All That She Wants"):

She leads a Luci life
She leads a Luci life
When she woke up late in the attic light
And the day had just begun
She opened up her eyes and thought
O what a morning!
It's not a day for work
It's a day to worship God
Just sharin Jesus love and serving Him
She's goin to love you

All that we want is our lovely Luci
She's goin to Moody- Oy!
All that we want is our lovely Luci
All that we want is our lovely Luci
She's goin to Moody- Oy!
All that we want is our lovely Luci
All that we want- all that we want

So if you are in Iasi and you need some cheer
She's the blondey speaking French
Her pep and spunk that changed our lives
Will stay forever
This is a night for sharing
Though we soon must say goodbye
We love you friend and wish you all the best
She's goin to love you

So alas, we had to say goodbye to our lovely Luci. Though she is dearly missed, we are all excited to see what God has for the next chapter of life as she heads off to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Just a few pictures to recap the wonderful night in celebration of our dear friend, the Luchador. 
The Spread. With a fabulous We Love Luci banner above

Roommates- Luci, me, and Simona

The Party Conspirators- Shamini, Michelle, Rovina, and me

These guys embody cool. So I thought I would step it up and pop the collar

The best shot we got of the whole group, with a few people cut off. So many people love Luci, it's hard to get them all in one frame!

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Shantz said...

The good old days... Was going tru your blog, Liz... Memories.. =)