Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To Beauty and Beyond

Gosh this is only my fourth post this month. Not that it matters. I suppose I am vaugely haunted by some sense of "duty," but it's pretty much self-imposed ridiculousness. But alas, it exists, and I do things like check and see whether I write "consistently" every month and then get all disappointed with myself when I haven't. As if my goal of becoming The Greatest Blogger Ever is slipping away. Something I should probably talk to Jesus about.

In any event, I want to share about a few of the adventures we had at camp. First I just want to write about how beautiful Romania is. Iasi doesn't generally get listed in any kind of Top Ten Most Beautiful Place kind of lists (maybe at the end of a top 1000?), but Romania as a whole is REALLY beautiful. Like sometimes jaw-dropping, oh-my-word kind of beautiful. So as we took our little bus six hours from Iasi we managed to see and experience a lot of the natural beauty this country has to offer. Plus we got to be in the mountains, away from the concrete jungle, and I even wore a sweatshirt at night because it actually cooled down. Glorious. On our way, we happened to stop for a bathroom-break at a place that was right next to one of the many many sunflower fields that are blooming right now. So we decided it was a great time to take pictures, obvi:

Then we got to Lepsa and pulled up to the camp (so worth it!):

Mid-week we went on a hike, and this was top, after we hiked up a REALLY REALLY long and steep hill (so SO worth it!):

And then rivers, ya gotta love rivers. Everything is so green and natural, it just reminds me of growing up in central PA in some ways:

And to close, just a photo of the wonderful mountains, complete with the Romanian flag:

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